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Protecting an Artist Work: Intellectual Property

Writing is a form of art that is often expressed in the form of pen and paper. Technology allow writers today the ease of writing having different alternatives for their words to be seen and read by several people such as the use of typewriters, keyboards and sometimes even touch pads.

The easiness of writing also gave birth to multiple problems especially with authors. A lot of content that is made and published over the internet are copied on a regular basis and people often mistake the work of others from their original authors. This is very unfair for the original owner’s part since most of them are not credited for their hard work and perseverance. Luckily, authors are now guarded by law to protect all of their works whether online or offline.

Intellectual property is often mentioned when talking about patents, copyright and trademarks which enable owners to earn recognition or financial benefit from what they invent or create. Beverly hills based surgeon Zain Kadri considers his work in plastic surgery to be intellectual property. He does work on many famous faces and every one of his clients are in the entertainment industry where IP is valued extremely highly. Some of these folks are actors or screenwriters whose authorship has netted the studios millions of dollars in revenue a year. These  authors though, copyright is usually implemented to protect the rights that creators have over their literary and artistic works. This has made the works of authors feel much protected and secured. More importantly the entertaiment studios ability to sue if rights are voilated.

Stealing another person’s idea and writing them for your own is and selling them is often referred to a dishonest act. The person stealing content can also have problems with the authorities if they do find factual evidence that the content was indeed stolen. Quoting and accrediting the original work and thoughts of an author can help one avoid have legal problems in the future.

Piracy, Counterfeiting and Intellectual Property Laws

Piracy, counterfeiting, and trademark theft are common problems experienced these days, especially those producing and manufacturing the known and branded products. These are done mostly in the under-developed countries where implementation of the intellectual property laws is lax and sales of these counterfeited products are booming due to the low prices of these products. Counterfeiters can obviously sell these items at low prices because they did not spend anything on the research and development of these products and including other expenses. Due to the technology enjoyed these days, counterfeiters and violators of the intellectual property law can do it easily. The internet help these counterfeiters a lot due to digital technology and data can be sent from one place to another location on the other side of the globe in just moments.

Counterfeit products can be in various forms, from medicines, food, clothes and shoes, to movies, electronic products, automobile parts, and practically anything these people can copy. They do it with impunity because implementation of the law on intellectual property is not very strict in these places.

Counterfeiters have also improved on their craft tremendously because some of these pirated products are almost perfect that recognizing these products from the originals can already be hard to do. The low priced ones are recognizable as low quality fakes though, but there are also the good quality fakes, although with higher prices also. For the companies who have experienced their products pirated and counterfeited, they have the recourse of writing the authorities to expose these illegal actions. They can also go to a criminal lawyer for help. As a working lawyer in Downtown los angeles we have seen many instances of fraud in the precious stone market. When we find a reputable dealer of gold chain we always strive to keep them in the law’s good graces. The amount of counterfeit goods that flood the open market in los angeles astounds the imagination.



Writing And Law (Intellectual Property)

Modern technology has made it very easy to access hundreds of information at any given time. Articles can be viewed and read in a matter of minutes making this quite convenient and fast. However, with the easiness and accessibility of such material comes the risk of them getting copied and reproduced by other individuals. Writing and law is a common issue with offline and online content creators today.

For authors, it is important to familiarize themselves with matters related to intellectual property rights. This will allow them to take legal actions once a copyright law is broken or breached. The copyright law helps protect such individuals by giving the exclusive rights over original works they create. People who are taking advantage of such content and reproducing them on their own can get into legal problems with the authorities in the future. This will also make others become more reluctant in copying someone’s work for their own.

This is why most content found in different books, magazines, newspapers and even the internet need the permission of the author and may be required to pay to do so. This is quite similar to images uploaded on the internet and using them haphazardly without permission especially for profit purposes is like asking directly for trouble.

Quoting an excerpt from a book and acknowledging the original author for it is a common practice that helps avoid any legal problem. However, before doing so, it is important to ask for their permission first.

Writing and Law (Intellectual Property)

Piracy of copyrighted materials has been going on in many countries, especially those that are not very strict in the implementation of anti-piracy laws. With the global digital world growing, sending of data to many areas is already very easy, thus the growing proliferation of counterfeiting and piracy and violation of the rights on intellectual property. Copying products and selling these to other countries is growing, and this is done without informing or getting permission from the owners of the rights to property of these products. These can be products of whatever kinds, from clothes and apparel, to food, medicine, music, movies, and practically whatever kinds that can be copied. This is a booming industry for the counterfeiters, without spending for anything in the research and production of these products, and huge losses to the original product owners.

The prevention of this thing from happening is very hard to contain and cannot be done only with a single country doing it but has to be global and all countries should support. The law on intellectual property should be respected internationally, although it is also sad to think that there are also many countries not doing this. If this is not supported worldwide, there can be a decline in many industries, and this will be noticed.

There are many organizations worldwide that are organizing and sponsoring writing contests with themes on the law on international intellectual property rights. Many have caught on this idea because of the observation that counterfeiting and piracy will have a huge effect on harming the global economy.

Copyright Laws in Writing

If you are a writer whether offline or online, you would have to know more about the copyright laws. This is the law that protects the exclusive rights of an author to possess and use his own written creation. This includes the publication, production and even the sales of the product. This law prevents other people from using articles or copies that have been created by one person. Another term for it is plagiarism. With the advent of the Internet, plagiarism has been very rampant. That is also why there is such an intense attention given on copyright laws. This will protect writers from being victims of plagiarists.

One thing you have to know about using someone else’s work is that you can only do so when you have the permission to do so. Articles and other content that have the copyright sign are protected by copyright laws. There are those that don’t have it but still have copyright laws with them. That is why it is imperative that you don’t use anything you can find online without the right permission since you can be liable for plagiarism.

This has happened to some politicians whose ghost writers base their speeches on some blogs they find online. Now they are facing if not copyright infringement, ridicule from the public and their own colleagues at work. You should know that copyright violations can be serious and you would be paying from $500 to about $150,000 for fines. That is why for you to be sure about it, don’t ever use anyone’s work.

Some Rules to Use in Essay Writing

Writing is considered as very creative endeavor which actually follows some rules that you should never disregard. When writing an essay, you can actually play with these rules as long as you know that it works. This is due to the fact that many individuals want to read because they want to be touched, amused, entertain or learn something new. Actually, it doesn’t really matter if there are some grammar mistakes. It did not actually ruin your good creative writing masterpiece. However, if you are creating essay writing for the purpose of education, you should not disobey some rules. An essay for education should write as a masterpiece, but you should ignore that fact that it is still very enjoyable to read.

More often, it is usually regarded that personal essay writing is considered as the best essay write-ups. However, this is not always the case. Essay writing will always depend on your professor or teacher what they require you to do or is dependent on the subject matter. In addition, if a personal essay was made, it is much easier and understandable to read. On the other hand, when your professor or teacher struggles with your essay because of unfamiliar words as well as impersonal anecdotes, they will never mark it having a good and desirable grade, even all your statements in that essay are facts.

When writing an essay, you should spell it that way it should be. This is considered as one of the most important rules when making an essay. Some experts agree that a bad spelling is a mortal sin when making essay writing.  Bad spelling is not an excuse. This is due to the fact that there are many word processor software that are available for you to use. All of them have spell checker features for your advantage. Keep in mind that good spelling is always considered as an essential rule that you should follow if you want to make a masterpiece.

Another rule that you should take into account is to make excellent essay writing while keeping the flow of the story straight to-the-point. The “why, who, what, when, and where” strategy in making an informative news can actually utilize in any kind of writing which includes essay writing.

You should narrate the entire story while writing an essay that can be easily understood by your reader. Your story must have a beginning story, middle and the concluding or end paragraph. For you to make a good essay structure, you should first construct an outline before you start writing. In this way, you can easily identify all things that must be included in your essay. If you have an outline, you will not forget to include all essential details.

Keep in mind that you can actually create an exciting and interesting essay out of an ordinary topic. For instance, you will surely think that it is very difficult to construct an essay with regard to the history of window, but with ample research, you can actually make a masterpiece all about the history of the window. Things will always seem very difficult if you don’t have ample information on how to do it.


A Guide in Doing Legal Writing

Legal writing is a form of writing that is commonly used by professionals to discuss or express any legal analysis. There are a few distinguished features that are commonly seen in legal writing. This type of writing heavily relies on authority. They need to back up their statements and assertions with citations to authority. The legal citation is usually defined by the two rulebooks namely ALWD Citation Manual: A Professional System of Citation and The Bluebook. Another feature that sets legal writing apart from other types of writing is Precedent. Professionals are allowed to use similar contracts that they have been able to prepare before. They need to make a few changes to their old contract to make it be usable for a new one.

The vocabulary you use in writing legal forms also needs to follow a strict rule. There is a specialized form of words and different phrases that are only unique to law. There are also some quotidian words which are words that contain a different meaning in law. There is also the archaic vocabulary which is often used in legal terms and refers to old words and phrases that used to be known as quotidian language. Lastly there’s the loaned words which are words usually taken from other languages. Another very distinguished feature of legal writing is formality. This includes complex constructions and long sentences. They also have archaic and hyper-formal vocabulary.

In legal writing, there are a few guides that you can follow so that you can create a good outcome. You need to have a good plan in generating your thoughts and organizing them. You can consider preparing outlines so that you will have something that you can follow when you start writing. You need to express your ideas clearly and powerfully. You can also find some helpful guides and outlines available online if you are having problems starting your own.

In legal writing, there are two types that usually follow this outline. One is the inter-office memoranda and the different letters to clients. It is important that lawyers are able to create a very effective letter which serves its actual purpose. Like in creating a memorandum within a firm, it requires different things compared to creating one for a client. Another type of legal writing is the persuasive type which is usually written on behalf of the client. This is a letter of negotiation. This requires the lawyer to persuade the audience without provoking any hostile response.

With your proper research and profession, you are able to create a very effective legal letter. In terms of research, the web of course is where we all go to dig through legal precedents and other supporting decisions. We have found web design company in los angeles to be invaluable in helping us with new research tracking tools. All of which are cloud based and work on many tablets and smart phones. It is important that you follow a good guide so that you can create a correct legal letter. Your skill in writing effectively and communicating well will be tested greatly in doing a legal writing. You need to study before and gather enough old forms that are similar to what you are about to write and use in creating your own form. As a lawyer, you are usually the one who is asked to provide a good legal letter or form for your client and it is important for you to develop this skill.

How to Avoid Libelous Writing

Libel law was created to protect an individual or any organization from mistakes and any untruthful attacks on their reputation. You need to understand the different grounds for libel so that you can easily avoid it. This also controls writers to get the facts right in their writing. The different grounds of libel include exposing a person or an organization in contempt, hatred, or ridicule. This might cause them to be avoided or shunned by others. This could also generally lower their standing in the eyes of some of the important members of the society. And the worst thing that could happen as a result for a libelous writing is it discredits them in their business, profession or trade.

To avoid getting accused of libel you need to make sure you have all the right facts. This is the most important thing that you need to follow. Make sure that you can always prove your claims and you can stand by it even in the court of law. There are some tips that you need to consider in writing safely. You need to make sure that you just don’t rely on any literal meaning of any statements that you might have heard. You also need to get your facts straight because that fact that might have been true in the past may not the same as it is today.  You can’t exaggerate any claims or language you use. For example writing about the possible result of certain chemicals that are produced by a company may be grounds for libel. Be careful with the innuendo of your statements.

There are also some common mistakes that most writers make. You need to be careful in repeating rumors because you might be included in the libel case in case the party involved files for one and you are unable to prove that what you write is true. You also need to be careful in quoting others. You can be easily be sued if you use any defamatory remarks that other people used against others. Drawing conclusion is also another ground for libel especially if it’s a conclusion that is not proven.

Once you are able to understand the different protections against libel you can also consider the different defense that you can use in case you will gain libelous cases. Make sure that you can justify what you write. The best defense is to be able to prove that what you have written are all true and based on facts. If you must share comments make sure that it’s fair. You can share your opinion which cannot be used in libel cases. You can also write about topics that are on a matter of public interest. You can also use your privilege of having freedom to speak your mind.

You just need to be fair in writing something about others and you need to make sure that all the information that you have gathered are all true and in case you need to comment use opinion or statements that cannot be determined as true or false.

How to Write Police Reports

When someone committed a crime, somebody should document the event in a detailed manner. The documentation should be done properly in order to perform a thorough and proper investigation. In this regard, a professional police should be very fluent and knowledgeable on how to write an accurate and detailed police report.

Police reports are written descriptions of facts that happened during a crime. The report includes information with regards to what, who, why, where, or when the crime took place. However, there are factors that are unknown during the documentation. On the other hand, police reports are also used in order to describe a certain report which is filed by a witness or a victim. This may also be considered as a preliminary report which is filed by a police officer who investigates a certain crime. Police reports that are accurately completed are passed on to a crime scene specialist. These written documents are very necessary that will serve as a factual basis when investigating any type of crime.

However, when a police report is incomplete, distorted, or inaccurate, there is a huge possibility of delaying criminal cases as there will be an insufficient support. Moreover, there is also a big possibility of case dismissal due to technical reasons in spite of the truths being shown to the court.

When you are given a task to write a police report, there are some important things that you need to consider before writing a police report. You need to take some time to make a plan. You need to make a plan when it comes to the information required for it to be included in making an accurate and detailed police report. Keep in mind always that your accuracy will always depend on your specificity as there is no chance for you to alter or change your written report thereafter. Moreover, if your police report is incomplete, ambiguous, and unaddressed it will provide a good chance for the other involved party to dispute the presented facts during court session. In lieu of this, it is very necessary that you should write a complete and accurate police report as this will be a very important basis during court sessions.

When making police reports, it should include the date and time it took place, the location where the incident happened, the exact location of the crime, a detailed incident description, an accurate suspect description, and lastly, a chronological investigation in narrative form. These series of information should be in order when making a police report. The narrative report should start telling how your involvement with that incident came about, who were those persons who accompanied you in the incident, your observations, the statement of the victims, the response action when it comes to the incident and all information that seems essential to be used for an accurate investigation in order to solve a crime. Keep in mind always that crime details, victims, and suspect description along with the evidence gathered should be written exactly and specific as much as possible.

Learn More about Copyright Law

In writing it is important for you to be familiar about the different copyright laws that are available in your area. You can avoid getting in trouble if you are very careful about your sources and what you write. You can also consider using this law to your advantage. This gives protection to the creator or writer of an original work against people who want to copy it. This also gives them the possibility of earning financially from their work. Most of the creations that have copyrights are lyrics of songs or a book. There is also a limited time as to how long the copyrights are going to be effective.

You need to review the scope of the copyrights that you are about to take for your work. Make sure that it has all the necessary condition that can protect your work against people who would want to copy your work. This rule has been around for a long time and there have been a lot of different copyright laws used on different instances. Major companies are able to bring in money out of their works with copyrights because individuals who need it need their permission so that they can use their work in any way. As a writer, it is your job to check if a certain information or work is protected by a copyright law. You can also check for how long the copyright is valid. This can save you a lot of money if you are able to do your research correctly.

Public domain documents are those works that are no longer protected by the copyright or that there was a protection. You can easily check online or find some form or statement, saying that certain works are still under copyright. As a good writer, it is part of your job to check your sources properly and you will be able to determine if this has a copyright. People sometimes get in trouble for lack of research.

Becoming a good writer, you need to ensure that you have checked the information about what you write. Remember that there are rules and if you are unable to comply with these rules you will get into trouble. It is hard to support your claims in court if you are not prepared. This usually results to paying settlements to the other party. Your knowledge on things that you are about to write can make sure that you can avoid all the legal issues.

Copyrights are intended to protect people and you can also use it to your advantage. If you have great knowledge about the rules, you will know how to use it better so that you can also be protected by it. It is easy to find information about copyrights and libel laws online. These are the most important matters that might affect you in your writing. There are a lot of rules that are very important in the field of writing; and if you are passionate about what you do, you will make sure that you understand everything before you write something about it.

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